The ultra secure business communication platform.

World class

Secure chat and calls

Total control

The press has shown the public
messages and calls are being eavesdropped


Hostile Organised Surveillance

Industrial Intelligence

We have built end-to-end encryption to protect your communications.
It's time to get your privacy back!

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Communicate freely

Send messages, images, video messages, to your friends, family, colleagues or to a group of VEGA users.

Keep privacy

VEGA is completely end to end encrypted and no man in the middle can intercept and decipher your information not even VEGA engineers.​

Run it in your datacenter

For increased control and security, you can deploy VEGA servers on your premises.

Customize it the way you need

We help you customize and build cool features on top of  your existing infrastructure on top of VEGA to provide you rich and custom

Communicate Safely

VEGA is an ultra-secure encrypted chat and voice.

VEGA Corporate edition provides dedicated servers and custom application functionality.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secure authentication
  • Perfect forward secrecy

Why our customers chose VEGA

Proven security

We have built VEGA with the top Belgian cryptographers makers of worldwide known Advanced Encryption System (AES)

Advanced features

The corporate environment has unique demands and unique needs that we integrate in the VEGA secure communication platform giving unparalleled flexibility.

Operate on premises

We give you the option to run it on your own datacenter giving you full control and total peace of mind.

No dedicated hardware

VEGA runs on your existing infrastructure, server and clients.


Independently Proven Security

  • Vega is built using best practice cryptography and security protocols.
  • Secure authentication
  • Perfect forward and backward secrecy

Designed for all your communication needs

Easy to use

VEGA provides maximum security, without you having to change your communication habits. No special secret chat to activate you are secure from the first install.

Worldwide coverage

As long as you can get online, VEGA can be used anywhere on the globe over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.