The most secure
communication app for you.

end-to-end encryption

secure calls

total control

VEGA Messenger keeps your communications private using seriously strong encryption.

Keep your communications secure​

Protect yourself and your organisation


Organised Surveillance


Why our customers choose VEGA?


We have built VEGA with the top Belgian cryptographers makers of worldwide known Advanced Encryption System (AES).

Ease of use

Our apps are in intuitive, easy to use and require no learning curve. They come on par with all the functionalities comparable to modern consumer-grade apps.


VEGA provides a highly scalable, secure cloud-based service, or we can deploy an on-premises solution giving you ultimate control and privacy of your communications and meta data.

No extra hardware

VEGA runs on your existing devices. No special hardware of phones are needed to communicate securely.​

Independently Proven Security​

  • Vega is using best practice cryptography and most advanced security protocols
  • Secure authentication
  • Perfect forward secrecy
  • Auditable code on demand
  • Post Compromise Security

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