Fully customized for business users, medium and large corporations.

Flexible deployment

Private Cloud

Flexible subscriptions
Rapid implementation

Your organisation can choose to use a dedicated cloud solution depending on the size and the complexity of your organisation.

VEGA Corporate can be deployed quickly. For your users, no special training is required.

The server environment of our isolated private cloud service is protected and monitored 24/7, guaranteeing the highest availability.


Maximum control
Maximum flexibility

Deployed VEGA backend on your premises for maximum control, giving you the most flexibility for integrating with your back-end systems and your own employee database for custom registration procedures and much more…

Fully Customisable

Adapt to your
needs and requirements

Own your communication platform with completely customisable app. Create new features directly built into your app for you and from your own designs. Integrate with your own business applications for un-precedent flexibility.

Total control

Professional administration
web user interface

VEGA On-Site solution comes with a comprehensive User Administration web interface allowing you to securely manage de provisioning of your users in an easy and user friendly way. Collaboration between organisations can also be centrally administered and managed by defining access and visibility rules and credentials.

All user management procedures can be made compliant even with the strictest internal company policies.