/ Adding a friend – VEGA Messenger

Adding a friend

Your friend’s phone number must be in your phone’s address book in order for you to start a chat with them in VEGA.

If you cannot see your friend in VEGA, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your friend has VEGA installed and registered his account.
  2. Double check that your friend’s phone number is entered correctly in your phone’s address book.
    • Enter the number the same as you would if you were to make a phone call to that person.
    • If this is an international phone number, do not use any exit codes or leading 0s. Start all international phone numbers with a + sign, followed by the country code

Contacts in your phone’s address book that have VEGA will be displayed in the Favorites list. In VEGA, you can only start a chat with these contacts.

If you still do not see your friend in your VEGA list, it is possible that your friend does not have VEGA. It’s easy to invite your friends to VEGA.