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Advanced messaging features

Vega provide you advanced messaging features to make your messaging fun and more secure. To access additional menu bar with all the advanced features – just tap on small arrow near the text area.

All these options may be used simultaneously and for all message types. To use them just tap(and set up) on specific feature, and send your message.

VEGA messenger special feature option button

Message Timer

When enabled, message with you send to recipient – will be removed after timer timeout. Notice: timeout will start counting only after message was read.


Scheduled message

This will allow you to send scheduled message, in other words you may compose and sent message now, but message will be shown to recipient only after specified date. Also there is a switch “Don’t show until date” with witch message wont be shown on on recipient side until specified date.

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PIN Locked message

Will lock message with pincode. so to get the message contents recipient should know the pin.


GPS locked message

Will hide the message with GPS lock. Recipient would need to get into GPS unlock zone to get access to message contents


Question message

Its a convenient way to ask your friends  Yes/No/Maybe questions. Once selected – special answering screen will be shown on recipient side with Yes/No/Maybe options.