/ Audio Calls – VEGA Messenger

Audio Calls

While in a Personal Chat room screen you can initiate a call with your Vega contact.

In order to call the other person, this contact needs to be in your contact list and in your address book otherwise the Call button will be dimmed. This is done by design to make sure users don’t call other users which are not listed in their contact list.

To call just click the “Phone icon” button. Callee will be informed about incoming call (notification should be enabled, and he will decide to pickup or drop the call. The caller will see first “Calling…” and that will mean the call is initiated, but then it will see “Ringing” which means that the callee phone is ringing.

While in call you can enable/disable your mic or switch to speaker. Also you can hide calling screen to continue using app.

Note: Vega calls still in beta, so you may encounter some issues with them.