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What features do Vega provide?

As Vega is a messaging app – first of all you can send and receive messages from your Vega contacts.

But also Vega is highly secured messaging app, so all your messages are secure.

Here is a few basic concepts which will be used in this guide:

  1. Vega contact – is a person from your contact list which is registered in Vega. In the Contacts tab you’ll him in a list of active users, together with his online status and avatar. From that screen you can also invite your friends in to Vega(via sms invite) and search for specific contact
  2. Chats list – is a screen where all your chats are shown. From that screen you can create new chat, create group chat, delete chat history
  3. Chat room – is a screen of specific chat (personal or group) from where you can send all the message types, initiate a call, send media content and access chat info. All the messages are locally stored, so once the chat was deleted, there is no way to get lost messages.
  4. Settings – Tab where you can change variety of things like profile info, avatar, app theme, notification sounds, wallpaper and more

Here is a list of Features available:

  1. Secured text messages
  2. Personal chats
  3. Group chats
  4. Audio calls
  5. Audio messages
  6. Media messages (Photo, Video, Location)
  7. Advanced messaging features