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Secured text messaging

With Vega you can send end-to-end encrypted messages to your VEGA contact. To send a message you need to select a existing chat, or create new one. To do so – select your contact from Contacts List or existing chat from Chats List. From appeared chat room screen you can send your text message together with other message types. To send a message – type message text in to text field, and then tap “Send” button.

All the messages you sent has its own delivery status. There 3 phases of delivery status:

  • Message sent (V)
  • Message delivered (VV)
  • Message read (red VV)

When you receiving a message you’ll be notified with apple or in-app notification. Also App icon will display number of unread messages.

Message forwarding

You can forward both sent and received messages from one chat to another. For that – tap&hold on desired message, and tap on “Forward” in appeared pop-up.

Delete both

There are some cases when you want to delete recently sent message from your recipient device. With Vega you can do that! Just tap&hold on message you want to delete, and select “delete both”.

Both “Forwarding” and “Delete both” are available to all message types