VEGA Messenger a new generation of secure messaging app is born

VEGA messenger is a new generation of messaging app providing serious end-to-end encryption of communication ensuring that your information is encrypted from the sender to the recipient using the latest cryptographic technologies available today.

We bring true perfect forward secrecy to your messages ensuring that your content and meta-data cannot be intercepted during transport.

One of the key aspect of using VEGA Messenger and other mobile messenger is VEGA does not collect, keep, mine or sell any data.

Some feature of VEGA apart from the secure aspect of communication are unique and you won’t find them in any other messenger apps.

In summary:

  • True end-to-end encryption
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) on your messages meaning that a new ephemeral encryption key is generated for each new message
  • No data is collected, mined or sold
  • Full anonymous account (The new upcoming VEGA Messenger version 2.0 will allow to register an account without a mobile number or email)
  • Out of band contact confirmation via QR code or fingerprint comparison
  • Independent company, with no external financial interests
  • Clear privacy policy
  • Company in Luxembourg

For detailed technical information about the cryptography in VEGA Messenger, read the whitepaper.